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We have so many fantastic suppliers on our doorstep and this is helping us fulfill our mission of bringing them to yours. Therefore we would like to share the background of those amazing suppliers and why we are proud to be delivering their local produce.

Milk, Juices & Dairy Products

Bidlea Dairy Fresh Milk

1 litre glass - £1.60

1 litre plastic - £1.60

Whole, semi-skimmed & skimmed!


Apple & orange juice - £1.50 pint 


Milkshakes - £2.00 Ltr

Strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla

Double Cream - £3.00 300ml

Cheshire Raw Honey (Set or Runny) - £5.80 (225g)


Clotted cream, by Clotton Hall Dairy, Produced in the heart of Cheshire from free range cows. 

Small £2.50 - 113g

Large £3.50 - 227g

Fresh Luxury Custard - £3.50 500g

Clotted cream rice pudding £3.50​

Live Cheshire Yoghurt - £2.00 400g

Natural Yoghurt  - Lemon Curd & Strawberry - £2.50


Butter - £4.50

Natural Yoghurt - £3.25

Hayfields Dairy - Award winning dairy established in 1957, specialising in handmade cheese.

Fresh patted farm butter - £4.50 250g

Cheese by Hayfield dairy in Audlem - £3 each 200g

Mild Cheddar, Mature Cheddar, Extra Mature, Red Leicester & Cheshire cheese


Flavoured Cheese - £3.50 each 200g

Effin’hot, Not So Effin’hot, Gloucester with Chive & Onion, Caramelised Onion with Cheddar, Cracked Black Pepper Cheddar 

Hayfields Crunch

1/4 Moon - £6.95 500g

1/2 Moon - £11.95 1Kg


Reggie Red Crunch

200g - £3.50

500g - £6.95

1kg - £11.95

Meat, Eggs, Pies & Veg

Purcell’s family butchers

2x 8oz Sirloin - £16

2x 8oz Ribeye - £16

2x 8oz Rump - £12.50

2x Old Skool Pork Chop - £7.50

8x Shropshire Bacon - £4.50

8 x smoked bacon £4.50

10 x Shropshire Sausages - £4.50

Horseshoe of Black Pudding - £1.75

Steak burgers – 4 pack £6

Minced beef – 500g £5

Fresh Chicken Fillets

2 pack - £4.75

5 pack - £10.50

Shropshire Lamb (pre order only)

Whole Spring Lamb – Price on application

Half Spring Lamb - Price on application

Bickley Bank Smallholding

6 x Rare Breed Sausages - £5

Powell's Pork Pies - Traditional 'hand raised' pork pies

Extra Large - £17 (pre order only)

Large - £6

Small - £3.50

Mini twin pack - £4

Pickled onions - £4

English Mustard - £3


​Emilys Eggs - Free range fresh farm eggs

​1/2 dozen - £1.90

Tray (20) - £6.30

Cheshire Potatoes - Ideal for roasting, chipping & mashing

2kg - £2

7.5Kg - £5

The Refill Emporium Fruit & Veg - Seasonal Selections

Family Fruit & Veg Box - £25

Couples Fruit & Veg Box - £20

Couples Veg Box - £20

Jams, Preserves & Chutneys

Berry Fresh Bakery - Cheshire based jams & Chutneys

Tomato & Chilli Jam - £3.49 240g

Classic Apple Chutney - £3.49 265g

Real Ale Chutney - £3.49 265g 

Strawberry Jam - £3.49 265g  

Raspberry Jam - £3.49 265g

Tutti Fruitti Jam - £3.49 265g

Orange Marmalade - £3.49 265g

Lemon Marmalade - £3.49 265g  

Grapefruit & Stem Ginger £3.49 265g

Marmalade - £3.49 265g  

Friday Specials

Moo Breakfast -  £12

8x Bacon rashers,

8x Sausages,

1/2 dozen Eggs,

1x Horseshoe of Black Pudding


Clotton Hall Dairy Cheshire Cream Tea - £15

4x Fruit Scones,

Cheshire Clotted Cream,

Strawberry Jam

(Upgrade to Sparkling Cheshire Cream Tea with Nomad Prosecco - £29.50)


Malpas Farm Shop

Family Meat box - £59.99

4 chicken fillets,

10 slices back bacon,

10 homemade sausages,

4 pork steaks,

1lb minced steak,

4 sirloin steaks,

900g beef roasting joint,

4 gammon steaks


Couples box - £29.99

2 Chicken fillets,

5 slices back bacon,

5 homemade sausages,

2 pork steaks,

1/2 lb minced steak,

2 sirloin steaks,

450g beef roasting joint

& 2 Gammon steaks. 

Walkers Bakery 

Artisan White Sourdough - £3.50

Large Multiseed - £3

Large Granary - £3

Large Farmhouse £2.50

Small farmhouse £1.80



We would like to say thank you to all our wonderful customers who have been on this journey with us over the last 12 months, as some of you may know that this all started from our love of local farm produce and sharing some milk with our neighbours during the first lockdown.

What we have quickly learned is that there are so many fantastic suppliers on our doorstep that we are fulfilling our mission of bringing them to yours. Therefore we would like to share the background of those amazing suppliers and why we are proud to be delivering their local produce.

Bidlea Dairy

With Bidlea Dairy, you know exactly where our milk has come from. At our family run farm in the heart of Cheshire we raise, milk and process all milk products.

Hayfields Dairy

Using part of Halton Farms milk to create great textured and moreish cheese and hand patted farm butter. The cheeses are hand-made, Hand-cut and hand -loved locally in Audlem.

Clotton Hall Dairy

Clotted cream and fresh luxury custard using milk from their free range cows in the heart of Cheshire - Also providing our afternoon cream teas for that special occasion.

Purcell’s Family Butchers

A family butcher based in the heart of Whitchurch, providing steaks, bacon, sausages, pork chops, chicken fillets and much more...

Powells Pies

Traditional ‘Hand Raised’ Pork pies. The recipe has been handed down through four generations of Powells and are still made in the traditional way in Whitchurch, Shropshire.


Proper hand-crafted gourmet pies, artisan sausage rolls and divine desserts baked in Whitchurch Shropshire.

Berry Fresh Bakery - Hand prepared Jams, Marmalades and chutneys made in a Maslin Pan in their Malpas kitchen. Made in small batches to ensure the quality is optimum.

Emily’s Eggs

A surprise every time to see if you’ve a Free range ‘double yolker’ From the Shropshire border.

About Our Suppliers
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